As the MLA for the constituency of Cypress Hills and on behalf of my Constituency Assistants, Beth Humphrey, Carol Miller and Linda Wig, it is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to my MLA website.

The goal of this website is to provide a gateway to the the community resources of the constituency as well as the programs, services and online information of the Government of Saskatchewan, Legislative Assembly and various levels of government. Please consider using this website as your homepage.

The newest boundaries of the Constituency of Cypress Hills became official in early 2003 and they represented a significant change from the old boundaries that I had the privilege to represent from 1999 to 2003. My new area contains (see also Local Government):

  • 6 Towns and 15 Villages
  • 18 Rural Municipalities, in whole or part, that include an Organized Hamlet
  • 14 Hutterite Colonies
  • The Nekaneet First Nation

Cypress Hills Constituency encompasses 26,652 square kilometres and is one of the largest in Saskatchewan. I am deeply honoured to serve all of my constituents.
In addition to local information and links in Community Resources, my website features a regular MLA Report and comprehensive Archive. Check Wayne in the Legislature for regular Hansard and video links or visit the Podcast/New Media area.

Let us know your opinion on issues raised in the Poll area. Let my constituency office know about a community event or activity to be included in the Event Calendar or for any other matter, just Contact Wayne.

Wayne Elhard, MLA
Cypress Hills